7 Essential Traffic Secrets to Unlimited Traffic - $29.95 U.S.

Would you like to learn how to take your website traffic into overdrive? This hot report covers the following topics:

  • Facebook Traffic TechniquesDid you know that SOME marketers don’t pay for ANY facebook advertising, but instead use this stealth to get MORE results than other people who do? A technique that is actually more effective than facebook advertising? This e-book tells you how…
  • Article Marketing Techniques – Yes, article marketing is all fine and dandy. Write 50 articles. Submit 50 articles. Yay. But did you know that there is a method that can generate 100x the traffic from a single article, but you just need to think outside of the box a little bit? This hot report tells you how…
  • Public Domain Re-using techniques. If you already know about some people reselling information through amazon, then you are a step ahead of the crowd. But do you know how some people are using that same free information to literally boost their traffic from 1 visitor/day to 1,000 visitors literally overnight? This hot report tells you how…
  • Video Submission Techniques. Uploading videos to youtube is a great idea. But did you know there are a few methods, both free and paid, that can improve your productive by 10x for the exact same amount of effort? This hot report tells you how…
  • WordPress Blog Techniques. You probably know that you should post on other people’s blogs. But do you know how some marketers manage to make sure their links stay on the blogs ALL the time, while others don’t get a chance to sneeze before seeing their links disappear? This hot report tells you how…
  • Google Docs Techniques. Did you know that there are a few sneaky tricks that only a select few Internet Marketers are using, to ensure that they get their content to rank higher than yours? This hot report tells you how…
  • PDF File Techniques - Did you know that you can get your website catapulted to the top of search listings, with a simple, yet extremely effective, PDF file technique? This hot report tells you how…
  • This 17-page hot report tells you all the above, plus much more!
But the question is — do you want to keep on doing what you’ve always done, and get exactly the same results? Or do you want to make a small investment — the price of a hamburger — and learn how this information could triple, or quadruple the amount of business you do overnight?

It is short, sweet and to the point. No fluff

The book offers information about 13 ways to get traffic to your site (15 if you count the two second methods on a couple of chapters.) It contains methods of getting traffic that I have seen and methods I have not heard of before. It is short, sweet and to the point. No fluff.

It is not a baby-step-by-step guide. For example, one of its methods for getting traffic is using Article Marketing. In it, he starts with a concise general paragraph about using keywords and follows it with, “Essentially, what you do is this:” Then he follows it with five bulleted detail points. He does NOT tell you “go here, enter your keyword and do this search.” or “here is how you subscribe at this article directory.”

So that is it. I like the context of the book, the layout, his methods, his bonus section.

I am looking forward to his coming out with part 2.


Includes a few ‘golden nuggets’ …for me

This guide is a quick and easy read with 12 pages of actual content. It’s a good basic guide to various options available for generating traffic and includes a few ‘golden nuggets’ that for me, would make it worth [it].

Must admit that I did pick up one or 2 ideas that I hadn’t thought of and will be using from now on :-)



Good job man!

I thought I would see regular information that you can get on a very cheap blog, but actually some of your points gave me some new ideas on how to promote my site.

Good job man!

Great read!

Great read! I like the info pertaining to Facebook, as I have not implemented this strategy yet and i was wondering what people were doing for traffic in that arena.

Looking forward to part 2!

Take Care


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