EBook PDF Power Protector - $29.95 U.S.

Are you tired of people stealing your work, or worse still, finding it on download sharing sites minutes later? Or – what about someone who places an order and 5 minutes later requests a refund?

If you’ve ever had this happen, then you definitely need to read this.

If you’ve ever gotten frustrated, because you’ve put a lot of hard work into creating an e-book or information product for sale, and then:

  • You found it on download sharing sites minutes later
  • You have a customer that orders your product, and 5 minutes later asks for a refund
  • You have a customer that gets a chargeback and keeps your e-book

And felt frustrated because you didn’t think there was anything you could do… And wanted to know if it was possible:

  • To have peace of mind knowing that your digital product was protected?
  • To be able to generate ‘license keys’ for your customers, so if they did share it, there name would appear in the ‘about us’ dialog so it was traceable to who leaked it

Then now it is!

Imagine this… You make an e-book, that sells only for $10. Conservatively, you only sell 10 of these $10 e-books per month, which is $100/month. In one year, you will have made over $1,200 for a SINGLE e-book.

Now imagine all that revenue was GONE! Simply because someone pirated your e-book and made it available for free. Isn’t the low price of this software worth protecting your e-book?

While someone intent on getting something for nothing can still find a way to do so, and there is no perfect solution to 100% E-Book protection, the E-Book Maker and E-Book Power Protector helps keep honest people honest and keep sales in your pocket.

Screenshot showing how easy it is to use! (Click for larger image)

Step 1. Add your PDF Files

Step 2. Upload Security Files to your Website

Step 3: Activate licensing, and you are set!

Get your customers to love you and buy more from you!

  • Automatically update ALL copies of your e-book for ALL customers!

    You simply place the newest version of your e-book on your server, and when you update it, THEY get the updates!

  • Eliminate fraudulent use of your hard work!

    Automatically disable customers who attempt fraudulent transactions. If someone tries to get your e-book (in software format) for free (i.e., places an order and then gets a refund 5 minutes later), you can give them the refund with the peace of mind knowing that you can then disable the copy they are using. And the cool thing is — chances are they will come back to you and decide they really do want to purchase it! Simply add the username to a blacklist file on your own server!

  • Eliminate copies from users who illegally share or pirate your work!

    You can automatically have copies of your work disabled by unauthorized users, simply by editing a file and adding it to a blacklist on your own server!So, let’s say that hypothetically your work had been pirated and you had 1,000 people with access to it. When you found out about it, all you would have to do add the username to a blacklist file on your server, and 5 minutes later, if you had set polling to every 5 minutes, EVERY SINGLE PIRATED VERSION OF YOUR E-BOOK WOULD BE DISABLED! Plus, some of those same people might decide to purchase it, because you can include a purchase link within the software!

So how does it work?

The E-Book PDF Power Protector is a software application that ‘encapsulates’ your e-book with a built in browser. In other words, you host your e-book on your own server (.pdf file), you host a blacklist file (.txt file) as well as a data file (.txt), and the customer views your e-book through a special embedded browser. It is like viewing a PDF file, except with encryption and YOU get to control distribution.

When a customer orders, you send them a special e-book build software application (specially customized to each e-book you have). You also send them a username/license key. The customer downloads and installs the file, and then can browse your e-book just like a regular PDF

PLUS! As a bonus – you get the following:

  • Choose How often your website should be polled for illegal copies.

    I.e., you can disable it 5 minutes later (while the user is still logged in/reading it!). So, if a customer downloads your e-book, then 5 minutes fraudulently later demands a refund, you can do it! You just BAN them, and then 5 minutes later, the software closes!

  • Supports up to 50 custom generated e-book protection files

    You can generate up to 50 customized e-books. (If you need more than that, you can purchase additional customizations in increments of 10. But then that must mean you have a lot of e-books and enjoying the sales you are making!)

  • In-line advertising.

    Wouldn’t it be great to be able to advertise your other products or services, when your customer is reading your e-book? It is as easy as changing a SINGLE page on your web server. Then, EVERY single copy of the e-book is automatically updated!

  • Optional 100% Branding Package ($49.95 US)

    As another bonus – you have the option of branding the actual download file to include your own company logo, URL, graphics, license agreement, and so forth. (By default it is just a generic installation file). Now since this must be done by hand, it is an additional $49.95 for this service. (You can order it when you go to buy now as an extra option). However, you get top notch service because then your protect is encrypted and protected with 100% branding for your own company! Plus, your customers will learn to recognize and trust your brand!

  • And finally, Updates are FREE for LIFE!

    If you have any ideas or suggestions for new features, definitely send a message through the contact form!

So what are you waiting for? Isn’t the LOW LOW price of only $49.95 worth the peace of mind you will get KNOWING that you can protect your income, and continue to make $1,000’s of dollars from promoting your own e-books?

Order Now!

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