Fast Search Engine Optimizer Indexer Software! - $29.95 U.S.

Do you want to get ranked quickly into search engines like google? Do you need to have your page indexed quickly, or want to boost an existing sites rankings? If this sounds like you, then this software will definitely help you! Some people have seen success in as little as 2-4 hours, while others usually see results within 24-48 hours!

  • Easy, no work, one push button software! Nowadays, there are ‘miniature’ websites which provide “information” about websites. In other words, they create ‘snapshots’ of your website, and index it complete with your web site title, website name, as well as a picture of your website. If you have a brandnew site (or even an existing website), then this software will tell these ‘mini’ sites (over 30+ sites included) to index your site. The result is that when google visits those sites, it now looks like ’30′ sites find you important enough to talk about you, which means an increased likelihood of you seeing quick ranking results.
  • Over 30+ authority sites included to help make your website look more important in search engines eyes! This software contacts sites like,,,, and so forth. If your website does not exist within any one of these sites indexes, this software tells them to index your website now to see results. So, basically then not only will you see your weblogs almost immediately being accessed (because these sites are now crawling your website), but now you see an increased likelihood of not only having google immediately rank your site, but having it have more ‘authority’ simply because these websites now have a snapshot of your main site. So basically, you get more results, faster!
  • Get multiple sites ranked quickly, plus offer it as a service to clients! If you have your own website or business, then you know that you need to work to keep it ranked in the search engines. With this software, not only can this software help you get ranked quickly, but you can process multiple websites and/or also offer a service to clients, where you get paid to submit their sites as well!
  • Plus much more!

Here is a screenshot of the software. You can see just how easy it is to use. Enter your domain name, and click a button, and then it is done for you!

Here is a list of the sites that are ‘pre-built’ into this software. You, of course, can add/remove your own sites as you wish.

This software allows you to do this 100% automatically! Just enter your website domain, click a button, and you are set! So get it now!

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