Recommended Reading

  • As a Man Thinketh – Basically says you are what you think, and how important it is to take control of your thoughts, which will result in actions, which will determine what kind of life you live.
  • The Stone Face – Shows how reflecting upon something can change your character.
  • 16 Laws of Success – Napolean Hill – Shows and teaches you what qualities you need to be like the great men of the early 20th century (not just in terms of success monetary wise, although that is a common factor among the men discussed). Even though it was written about 100 years ago, it is still applicable to today’s world
  • Acres of Diamonds – Talks about how most people don’t realize that the resources they have to be an amazing success are literally in their ‘own’ backyard. Some people spend their life looking for ‘riches’ and fame and fortune and a magic formula, when they could find that and more with their existing resources.
  • Wink and Grow Rich – Very good story telling, describing how to change your thinking to become ‘weathly’. Vision, focus, action, these are important steps to achieving true wealth. Wealthis not just money, but also the friends, relationships, and experiences that you have to become truely wealthy. Time is your most valuable asset, use it wisely.

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