Youtube Opportunity Finder - $29.95 U.S.

If you haven’t heard, video is the rage nowadays, and video converts into sales. Youtube is the king of videos. Better still, many individuals that upload videos do not realize the true value of their own videos. That is, the advertising value of their videos. Many are even uploaded by teenagers, or by adults ‘just for fun’. The idea of actually making money from their videos never crosses their mind.

According to YouTube’s own website (link:

  • Hundreds of thousands of videos are uploaded daily
  • Over 2 BILLION videos are watched DAILY

And very few of the videos are monetized. Are you starting to see the potential here? Smart marketers know that more traffic = more sales. And it has proven extremely successful for some marketers.

Case and point: One marketer named Steve managed to turn a $50 investment into $16,958 for a single product. In essence, what he did is find a video that had a lot of favorites, high ratings, and comments. He then offered to buy a link at $50/month, and linked to a niche website of his own with a clickbank product. Over the course of a year and a half, he made $16,958, approximately $1,000/month for a $50 investment, for a single link. Imagine what it would be like if you found a video, and were able to create a similar type of arrangement?

Problem: However, the problem is – it can be a time consuming process to find those videos. It can be even more time consuming to message those video owners individually, and follow up with them. I personally had to contact 50 video owners before I finally got a response. But finally I did, from two individuals who were averaging about 1,000 views/day. If I had done all the searching and followup by hand though, it probably would have taken me over 20 hours. Which, of course, is too long.

Solution: So, that is why this software was developed. It takes away all the tedious effort in finding videos, customizing individual messages, and messaging them. It provides a lot of automation, so you can focus on getting links, which gets the traffic, and then of course you can focus on the sales. You focus on which videos you want for which niches instead of tedious messaging and folow up!

Video showing how you to use this software:

Look at it this way. Imagine only getting ONE video, that resulted in 1,000 views per day, which lets say conservatively only translated into several hundred dollars of sales per month. But this is a recurring income, something you could do month after month. Wouldn’t it be worth the the low of only $29.95 for this software?

Youtube Opportunity Finder costs a tiny $29.95 (A One-Time Payment)

(Updates are free for life!)

Youtube Opportunity Finder Features:

  • Easily find videos sorted by views using the built in searcher
  • Save statistics to your harddrive, so you don’t accidentally contact the same video owner twice (especially ones that have multiple videos)
  • Ability to create customized messages to different users with the built in ‘message spinner’
  • Ability to auto-fill the user message within youtube, so you don’t have to manually type in messages to each individual YouTube user
  • Supports automatic form field filling (i.e., “%username%” and “%videoname%” to automatically replace certain variables)

So what are you waiting for? Click on the ‘Buy Now’ button to get this software now!

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